PPE Vending

Better PPE distribution

Cribspot® is a service that combines supply of PPE products, their automatic distribution among workers and IT management for distribution of the equipment.

Reliable services

Distribution of products via vending machines is a demanding task. In order to be flawless, it requires experience, practice and developed processes. We provide PPE supply to the largest number of vending machines in Poland. We have extensive experience.

The best vending machines in the market

We deliver our vending machines to your production plant. We provide machines that meet two conditions: guarantee success of our investment and provide solid and reliable distribution tool for your business.

Wide range of products

Introduction of vending is successful when you choose the range of products that match your distribution needs. Tens of various PPE products are used in your production plant. Our specialist will perform audits for you and define the range of products that matches your needs perfectly.

BI analytics system

Advanced analytics system is a special strength of our offer. Transparently clear personalized reports are not only a mine of information about wear and tear but also a solid basis for optimisation of PPE products purchase.

Tailored settlements

Comfortably or economically! You choose, we deliver supplies to your vending machines. We offer business models designed as a result of numerous hours of interviews with managers of production plants similar to yours!

Consignment – more possibilities!

The last stage of outsourcing of PPE distribution is launching of PPE warehouse serviced by our company at your production plant. Supplies of large or rarely used products from the warehouse perfectly supplement frequent collections of minor equipment from vending machines.
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