EU Project at ELMAR

“ELMAR” MULTI-BUSINESS COMPANY LESZEK KRZYWICKI obtained supplementary financing for execution of project entitled “Introduction of an innovative and pro-environmental system of vending machines in OSH servicing of Lower Silesian enterprises” on the basis of the subsidy contract no. RPDS.01.05.01-02-0059/15-02 signed on 23.09.2016. The subsidy was awarded within the scope of Action 1.5 Development of products and services at SME; Sub-Action 1.5.1 Development of products and services at SME – horizontal tenders; Project type 1.5.A. Support for product and process innovativeness at SMEs within the Regional Operational Programme for the Province of Lower Silesia for the years 2014 – 2020.

Brief description of the project:

High level of competition in the industry is the genesis of project implementation. Within the scope of the project clients will get access to new, innovative service rendered on the basis of innovative technology. This innovative service shall consist in distribution of OSH equipment on the basis of the network system with IT support. In order to activate rendering of new services it is necessary to implement innovative technology in the form of vending machine network management system, which optimizes network management, supply frequency and costs of orders made by consignees. Execution of the investment shall take place between 2nd quarter of 2016 and 2nd quarter of 2017.

The entire value of the project amounts to PLN 1,291,500.00, including eligible costs of PLN 1,050,000.00. European Union subsidy amounts to PLN 441,000.00.

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