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Glove laundering is an effective way to reduce their wear and tear cost. Manufacturers of the best brands allow for laundering of their gloves. Professionally laundered gloves equal new ones in terms of scent and quality.

Quick savings

Glove laundering is a novelty in the market. It is a tremendously efficient way to quick savings. Ever since glove manufacturers realized this fact, they allow officially for laundering of their gloves more and more often. Savings are generated by obvious reduction in wear and tear which results in reduced amount of waste transferred to recycling - and this means additional, often very significant savings.

Environmental responsibility

Laundering means environmental responsibility. Modern gloves are often made of materials which can last for decades as waste. The very same material makes them durable despite repeated laundering. Take advantage of it! You reduce pollution by reducing wear and tear.
In addition to this, all actions taken at the laundry comply with ISO14001:2005 standard (so-called environmental ISO).

Tailor-made process

We designed laundering and cleaning processes that make our returned products look brand new!
Every glove type requires individual selection of cleaning agents and laundering process corresponding with the type of dirt. The process is always tested on a several deliveries of gloves from the same area. We use certified cleaning agents that are safe for skin – they cause no irritation or allergy.
Every pair of gloves is tested three times: at the production plant, before laundering and before delivery to our client.
We do not launder gloves from various production plants at the same time. We conduct meticulous register of gloves delivered for laundering and supplied to our clients.

Laundering + vending

Glove laundering is an excellent supplementation of the Cribspot® service. Laundering included in glove distribution process with the use of vending machines can reduce amounts spent on gloves several times.
Machines dispense new and laundered gloves. When dirty, all the gloves are collected by ELMAR staff and laundered. Then they are returned into the vending machine! Gloves can be used in this way several times. New gloves can be only a small part of the entire stock available in the machine.
Depending on preference of the plant management, laundered gloves can be mixed with new ones or placed as a separate batch.
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